Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 Alarm Clocks to Get You Up and Running

alarm clock - orange

Do you remember Clocky - the alarm clock that runs around the room? Well, now there's Tocky, described as "Clocky's tech-savvy brother." Here's the full description: "Just like Clocky, Tocky will jump from your nightstand and roll away to get you out of bed. He'll also record personal wake-up messages, and play your favorite MP3s as they roll around your room." [via Best Stuff]

alarm clock

Here's another novelty: the Farmland Alarm Clock, which moos, baas and clucks at you. To shut it off, you place the correct animal - the one matching the sound - in the slot in the top. But "if fumbling about for plastic cluckers at stupid o’clock doesn’t appeal, you can always switch from Selective to Random mode. That way you can deactivate the alarm using any animal you fancy." [via I New Idea]

alarm clock

Want something a bit less novel? Here's the retro-style Bake-a-Like alarm clock, available in six different colors. [via Retro To Go]

Russian alarm clock

But if you want real vintage clocks, go look at those sold by Clockwork Universe - such as this Soviet Russian alarm clock, which is in "good working condition. The movement has been cleaned, conditioned and regulated by a master watchmaker." Clockwork Universe is based in Riga, Latvia - but sells through Etsy, making it easy for us to buy from the company. [via Apartment Therapy]

alarm clock

And finally, here's the Station alarm clock - one of the many alarm clocks from Karlsson - sold by Utility and by Digs, among others. [via Retro To Go] Update on Aug. 11, 2012: Neither Utility of Digs sell this clock any more, but you can find it at the ideal Pad.

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Claire Josefine said...

I intentionally haven't owned an alarm clock in many years now. On those rare occasions when I have to be up earlier than I'd naturally wake up, I use the timer on my stove -- one less item to own in life. Of course, I have my own flesh-and-blood "farm animal" alarm: Sam cat, who meows incessantly most mornings. Me-OW, Me-OW, Meee-ooow... Groan. (Although I mustn't complain. He's now a very old cat and I anticipate he won't be around to nag me much longer.)

Julie Bestry said...

Claire's comment makes me smile. If I didn't set an alarm and awoke "naturally", there are very few days in my life when I wouldn't sleep until close to dinner time. I can easily sleep 12 or 15 or 18 hours if left uninterrupted.

Jeri, these are great clocks. You always find the best stuff! I've always been charmed by Clocky, so Tocky is appealing. The farm clock, however, is a little too cute for my needs. Sigh. If only Jeeves could be dependent upon to gently wake me from my slumber.

Jeri Dansky said...

Glad you like the clocks, Julie! I'm with you - I need my alarm clock, although I appreciate the days I don't need to use it.

Claire, I could just go with the alarm clock on my iPhone - and I WILL do that when traveling. (No more packing a separate travel alarm clock!) But at home, I prefer my normal clock.

And Julie, Jeeves COULD wake you up; see #7 at this post. (Or are you saying you wouldn't trust it to really wake you up?)