Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas / Holiday Gift Ideas: Consumables for Kids

modeling dough

Consumables for kids? Sure - craft supplies, of all sorts! Here are a few ideas for some more unusual choices. Let's start with the luscious-looking products from Clementine Art: natural modeling dough, paint, markers and more. [via Ecosalon]

art pad

Another place with a wide range of products is Eco-Kids, where you get eco-dough, eco-paint, eco-sidewalk chalk, and more. The picture shows the eco-art pads; the sheets are "tree-free natural organic paper made from the discarded stalks of banana trees. The banana fibers give every sheet character."

modeling beeswax

Stockmar modeling beeswax comes to us from Germany, but is readily available elsewhere; A Toy Garden is one option.

modeling beeswax

You can also get modeling beeswax from Artemis Plantefarver Danmark ApS. Again, there are a number of places to buy this, including Rosie Hippo.


If you want something simple, you could get a box of Prang crayons, made from "a unique soybean oil formulation" - which means "100% renewable resources"; most crayons are made from paraffin wax, a petroleum derivative. The company claims the soybean oil makes the crayons "brighter and smoother." [via MetaEfficient]

wax drawing art kit

And finally, let's take note of the various art kits from Eye Can Art. [via Cool Mom Picks]

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