Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Storing the Firewood: A Few Logs to A Few Cords

firewood rack with cover

To begin, let's look at the practical side of firewood storage. Logs often bring bugs with them, as you can read about here and here - so it's best to store them outside until needed. The Woodhaven firewood racks and covers - which come in a range of sizes - provide a nice way to do that.
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firewood storage shed

If you have a lot of wood, you might even want a firewood shed.

firewood trolley

And the Radius firewood trolley is designed for either outside or inside use.

copper firewood buckets

But there are so many other cool-looking firewood storage products that may not be as practical; perhaps you'd want to use them for something other than firewood. For example, there are the copper firewood buckets sold by Plow & Hearth, which says that the buckets are "beautifully handcrafted in Turkey from heavy-gauge, recycled copper." Update on Sept. 16, 2013: Plow & Hearth says these are no longer available. However, it does have a galvanized steel hearth tub.

wrought iron firewood log basket

Britannia Forge has some wonderful wrought iron log baskets. Update on Jan. 13, 2018: Britannia Forge's website has disappeared.

firewood bucket

The Morsø firewood bucket and box are both extremely simple; the finish matches the company's wood-burning stoves.

firewood basket

And for a gorgeous woven basket, it would be hard to beat the firewood baskets from Felicity Irons of Rush Matters. You can also find her baskets at Not on the High Street. Update on Sept. 16, 2103: These are no longer sold through Not on the High Street.

creative firewood storage - combining with chair and ottoman / footstool

But perhaps the most eye-catching designs come from Ak47 in Italy.

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JustGail said...

ALMOST enough to make me want a wood burning fireplace! No not really - the gas one we have is just dandy. Although I would consider getting one of these and putting a few pieces of wood next to it "just for pretty".