Thursday, December 9, 2010

Simplifying the Holidays with Simpler Gift Wrapping

gift wrap bag velvet

We go hiking on Christmas afternoon. It's so peaceful and gets us away from the wrapping paper disaster! -- Portland Children's Museum, on Twitter, via Parenthacks

Want to simplify the gift wrapping and avoid a wrapping paper disaster? Fabric gift bags might be the way to go. EllaWrap bags come in a variety of size, fabrics and patterns - with bags for Hanukkah, Christmas and much more.

sweater-like wrap for wine bottles

Paper and Parcel makes sweater wine sleeves - an easy way to wrap that consumable gift. Update on Nov. 28, 2011: Paper and Parcel doesn't carry these any more.

tote bags, folds small, Thai fabric

HASbags are folding shopping totes - with style. (Most of mine have the name of a grocery store on them - not the same!) Heidi Stern, the creator, originally made these "as a reusable way of wrapping gifts" - and you could do the same.

gift wrap fabric

In response to another post I wrote about gift bags, commenter JustGail said, "If you are giving any gift to someone who sews, wrapping it in a length of fabric is also good." The fabric wraps from Chewing the Cud could be used to wrap a gift to anyone - not just a sewer - but they're probably a more expensive option, too. These are available on Etsy, as well as on Chewing the Cud's web site. [via Apartment Therapy]

And if you really prefer to use gift wrap paper, you can still simplify. Erin on Unclutterer uses silver paper for everything, so she has much less to stash away. Similarly, Margaret Lukens of New Leaf + Company suggests this: "Choose one solid color gift wrap, one color ribbon. I've got gold with ivory this year."

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Claire Josefine said...

Although you don't mention it in your text, your tag speaks to another huge benefit to these "simplified" wrappers -- no landfill!

Even if your recipient doesn't sew, using cloth to wrap is nice. You can use a pretty scarf or napkin or handkerchief or... anything they might use and enjoy.

From an environmentalist re-use perspective (perhaps less simple, depending upon your bent), you can also have fun using the Sunday Funnies or calendar pages as wrapping paper.

Jeri Dansky said...

Claire, thanks for all the suggestions!

Charissa said...

I love the Chewing the Cud design. Very nice roundup of ideas!

Pauline Wiles said...

Totally in love with the sweater wine sleeves. I'm not especially fond of wine, but I'd be thrilled to receive one of these!

Jeri Dansky said...

Charissa, how nice to have you drop by. I just went to your blog - what lovely ideas for those who DO like to spend time on beautiful, creative wrapping! I have a good friend who does amazing gift wrapping, and your blog reminded me of her.

The English Organizer, I bet you could fit other things (a nice bottle of olive oil, etc.) in those sweater sleeves.

And Claire, I also forgot to mention another benefit of these simpler wrappings: If you are traveling with presents, it's easy to pack these along and "wrap" at your destination. It avoids having the security folks possibly making you open a painstakingly-wrapped gift for inspection.