Monday, May 10, 2010

In Honor of My Mom: Organizing in Blue

utensil holder with blue heron

On this third anniversary of my mom's death, I thought I would once again remember her with a post featuring blue organizing products - blue being her favorite color.

This year, I'll start out with a utensil holder that isn't entirely blue, but certainly makes great use of the color. It comes from Jim and Gina at Hummingbird Studio Pottery. I've written about them before - but it's time for a reprise!

blue fabric bucket

This nice fabric bucket comes from ShaggyBaggy.

bunny basket

This bunny basket from Aunt Jeannie's Attic should probably have been included in my alternative Easter basket post. But it's not so Easter-specific that I can't include it here!

blue felted bowl

Here's a lovely felted bowl from Bowenism.

tea box

Images d'Orient is the source for this tea box; the company has points of sale in 22 different countries.

laundry hamper, blue, with peace sign

I've include the laundry hampers from JoJo Designs in another post, but I just had to include this hamper, anyway.

coat hook, blue

Searching for blue items led me to all sort of products I might not otherwise have found, including the very neat Quasimodo coat hooks from de Nord. They come with either two, three or five hooks; eight color options are available. Update on Feb. 17, 2014: I'm no longer finding the blue version of this hook, and I'm finding very few in any size or color. However, you can still get the white two-hook version at Artic Design.

dresser with blue drawers

And finally, there's this stunning dresser from John Strauss Furniture Design.

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JustGail said...

I've not been reading your blog for very long - a few months(?) - condolances on your Mom. I've not had to deal with that yet.

You've found some lovely blue items - proof that blue is NOT a sad color! I also love blue, but somehow, it never makes it into my decorating much. I think I need to change that. As long as it's not that "country blue/rose" that was so horridly popular a while back.

Cynthia Friedlob said...

Another fine tribute to your mother!

I love the utensil holder. But one of the frustrating things I've had to deal with now that I'm, ahem, a woman of a certain age, is that arthritis and tendinitis have forced me to abandon lovely crockery because it's too darn heavy. Had to trade my colorful Fiestaware for Corelle (all white, which is really quite nice in its own right). So, I'll just admire the weighty stuff from afar!

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks for the kind words, JustGail and Cynthia.

JustGail, I had to stop and think about how much blue I have in my home. The bedrooms all have blue carpet, and the sofa in the living room is blue (and black). My placemats are all blue. The seats in my dining room chairs are blue. The countertop in my bathroom is blue, too. So I guess that's one more way I'm my mother's daughter!

Cynthia, I can understand (and sympathize with) the need to let go of the Fiestaware. But my utensil holder isn't something I pick up - it just sits on my counter, and I grab things out of it. I pick it up to clean the counter, and that's about it. Your use is different?

chantal said...

Jeri--just catching up on your blog. I've been looking forward to this blog post since I knew it would feature some lovely blue items and they would have all been very carefully chosen by you. My favorites and the pencil holder, love the heron, and the shabby bag/bucket. I bet your Mom would smile about all the blue in your house.

Jeri Dansky said...

Chantal, she would indeed. She'd also smile about which items from her home I've kept. Hmm - that's another blog post!