Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Garage Storage - For All Kinds of Stuff

wall bracket for recycling bins

Reading John Trosko's garage-related post today reminded me that it's about time for me to write another garage post!

While there are many multi-purpose garage cabinets, slat board systems and such, I thought I'd focus on some of the specialty products I've been seeing. Let's start with the EnviroStacker, sold by Lee Valley Tools. While it was designed to let you get those old recycling bins off the floor, this bracket can be used with many bins that have a rigid lip. [via Toolmonger] Update on March 27, 2012: These are now called Bin Brackets.

garage refrigerator

Want a spare refrigerator in your garage? Gladiator has a refrigerator designed just for garages. As the Gladiator web site says: "Unlike your neighbor's garage refrigerator that they retired from their kitchen, the Energy Star qualified Chillerator Garage Refrigerator is not only designed to handle the extreme temperature and humidity of the garage environment, it also saves you money by reducing energy consumption."

tire storage rack

Here's a storage rack designed specifically for tire storage - helpful if you live in a climate where you change tires as the seasons change, or have any other reason to be storing tires.

car lift

And if you want to store an entire extra car, you can do that, too - using a car lift from Revolution. [via Patrick Langston of the Ottowa Citizen, on the Vancouver Sun web site]

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Deb said...

How timely! R spent most of the weekend organizing the garage. Except for his pegboard, he's not much into organizing products and systems. He put the garden tools away using 2x4s and nails. He attached two 8' 2x4s placed end-to-end horizontally to the wall studs with screws about 6' above the floor. Then he hammered a pair of nails into the 2x4s to hold each tool. It's simple, cheap, quick to install, and flexible.

With a few more hours work, the minivan may finally be able to live in the garage!

Jeri Dansky said...

Deb, if you're willing to share a photo of your garage storage, I'd love to see it. I'm all for simple, cheap and flexible!

Cynthia Friedlob said...

Very useful information! Realy good links on your response to John Trosko, too. Thanks!