Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reader Question: Bathroom Cabinets, Part 1

bathroom wall-mounted cabinet

How bout a nice selection of cabinets for the bathroom? One that will hold towels and a few toiletries for guests? Both wall-mount and floor-style would be of interest.

Sure! The one above is part of the Batik line from Regia Srl.

pruple bathroom cabinet

This is one of the options from Eurolegno of Perugia, Italy; it's part of the Amarcord line.

bathroom cabinet, wall-mounted,

And this lovely piece comes from the Idea Group based in Treviso, Italy.

wall cabinet, wall-mounted

This is one of the options from Delpha, based in France.

bathroom cabinet, wall-mounted

And this is one of the choices from Lacava, based in Chicago, Illinois.

Looking for something more readily available in the U.S.? Or something not quite so expensive? Wait for Part 2!


Marcie Lovett said...

Nice selection, Jeri! Here's one that I often recommend; it's not big enough for towels, but it holds plenty of toiletries and it looks like a piece of artwork.

Angela said...

what a fantastic idea filing cabinets in ottomans I absolutely LOVE that. Thanks Jeri - Angela in Australia

Jeri Dansky said...

Angela, I'm glad you like the file storage ottomans! (I assume you meant to comment on this post.)

Marcie, thanks for the product pointer - that's one I hadn't seen!