Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 2010 Organizing Tips and More

3 coffee-table book about Vietnam

My May 2010 newsletter is now available.

Tip of the Month: Letting Go of (Some of) the Books

Organizing Product of the Month: Slim shelving

Also included: Organizing Statistic of the Month and some Twitter tidbits

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Caveman said...

I had received a letterbox flyer asking for donations for books for a local charity. Inspired by your Tip of the Month: Letting Go of (Some of) the Books, I reviewed my bookshelves and pulled out books I know I will never look at again. I removed books I had in storage - 3 boxes of them! If old paperbacks are stashed away in a garden shed, why do I bother keeping them .. let someone else enjoy them!

Releasing some space from the shelves and discarding unwanted books is a similar feeling to losing weight .. I feel leaner knowing I am not dragging unneeded stuff through my life.

Computer books are the first to be reviewed. I had a book on the GIMP image editing program. It was (c) 1991 and I bought it for $5 many years ago. It was out of date back then, and even more so now. A computer book should be treated like a text book. ONly buy the computer books you really need, then work through them promptly before the software goes out of date.

Jeri Dansky said...

Caveman, that's great news! Congratulations to you for cleaning out the books, and thanks for sharing!