Monday, May 3, 2010

8 More Ways to Organize - In Miniature

dollhouse miniature cabinet with pharmaceutical remedies

When I first wrote about organizing products for dollhouses, someone requested that I make that post the first of a series. So here we go with part two!

This first cabinet, from Kaleidoskopic Romance, might more readily fit into a miniature pharmacy, but it's just too good not to share! [via Etsy's Dark Side Street Team, a blog which has disappeared]

miniature dollhouse cupboard, blue

For more traditional dollhouse pieces, you could go to Bubba's Mini Country Cupboards, where you'll find a large selection of neat pieces.

miniature dollhouse dresser or buffet, modern

And if you prefer a modern look, you could go to minimodernistas.

miniature dollhouse chest with nautical theme

This chest, from ACD Miniatures, reminds me fellow organizer John Trosko, who likes all things nautical.

miniature dollhouse oval Shaker boxes

But of course, we don't just care about furniture. Shaker Workshops has a collection of miniature shaker oval boxes, as well as some baskets. Update on June 19, 2013: I'm no longer finding the shaker boxes, but Shaker Workshops still has plenty of baskets, here and here.

miniature dollhouse basket

And Yahzmin has a large collection of miniature baskets. Update on July 25, 2015: The Etsy store selling these has disappeared.

miniature dollhouse crate

Marquis Miniatures has a number of nice pieces, including this crate.

miniature dollhouse pegboard with tools

And finally, there's the pegboard!


Miss Molly Manglewood said...

These are so cool!

I make miniatures as part of my art work, teeny tableaus featuring the calaveras of Mexican folk art. I wanted to post a comment to encourage people to make their own mini organizational furniture! Aside from art uses, I also use little cabinets for tasks like displaying heirloom rings I consider too precious to wear.

You can often find very affordable ready-to-finish wooden pieces at craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. My local arts and crafts stores carry a number of miniature unfinished furniture items all for less than $10. You can get assembled pieces or easy-to-assemble kits, and then you can paint, stain, or decoupage to your heart's desire!

I just paint mine with regular old acrylic craft paint, decoupage on any details or trompe l'oeils I wish, then varnish. Easy peasy!

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks, Undead Molly! I need people like you to provide the DIY perspective; I personally am so NOT the do-it-yourself type.

If you'd like to send me photos of organizational miniature furniture that you made, I'd be glad to include some in a future post! Send e-mail to jeri at jdorganizer dot com.

JustGail said...

I'll have to check out the miniatures for storage of the tiny bits that get lost in the drawers. I've looked at the unfinished items, but never thought about using them for storage. On the other hand, I do *not* need any more unstarted/unfinished projects!

Miss Molly Manglewood said...

Jeri, I will do that! Thank you for your interest. I don't have any photos right now, but I'm currently working on developing a website and online portfolio so I'll be taking some soon.

And JustGail, I'm as guilty as anyone regarding unfinished projects laying around, but I swear miniature furniture is an easy one. At a bare minimum, all a piece needs is one good coat of paint or stain, then one coat of varnish. Even with drying times it only takes a couple of days. Any embellishment is, of course, optional depending on how ambitious you're feeling.