Thursday, May 13, 2010

Containing with Canisters

stoneware canister set

If you want purely practical canisters, you could get the glass canisters from The Container Store that are square, stackable - and have airtight lids. But if you'd like something more whimsical, you could get these canisters (or one of the other choices) from Crosby & Taylor.

stoneware canister

For another style of stoneware, you could get a "lidded jar o many uses" - such as this canister - from Promethean Pottery.

polka dot canisters

Like polka dots? These Spode canisters are on sale at Macy's. (And you can also get them here.) Kitchen Craft also has polka dot canisters.

red canister

And Le Creuset has canisters in three sizes; you can get them here (among other places).

green canisters

Actually, there are a number of kitchenware brands I didn't know had canisters, including Fiesta (available here and here, among others).

stainless steel canisters

And then there's Calphalon, available here (and other places).

storage jar, white with blue flowers

If I'd seen this storage jar from Portmeirion - one of the company's many canisters - a few days ago, it would have made it into my "blue" collection.


Would you like glass canisters with a bit of style? Here are some to consider!

glass canisters

Anchor Hocking - which makes square, stackable canisters - also has a number of other options.

glass canister set

And even Cost Plus World Market has a nice option!

pottery canisters - set

But getting back to the unusual, take a look at these canisters from Old Farmhouse Pottery in Texas.

canisters with bear fetish handle

And look at these fantastic canisters from Deer Woods Pottery. They've got another pattern that's equally spectacular. [via Vicki Hardin's Clay Art Web Guide]

brass canister set

Finally, here are some hammered brass canisters.

And just for giggles, you can go over to Flickr and see one of the canisters I used to own, many years ago. What a surprise it was to see this pattern again!

Update on May 20, 2010: Full disclosure: After this post ran, the folks at Crosby & Taylor sent me a petite salt pot (and some flavored sugars) as a thank-you gift. This was not something I was expecting - so it obviously had nothing to do with what I posted.

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Louise said...

Oh, the Old Farmhouse Pottery ones are beautiful! Such lovely colors.

Jeri Dansky said...

Glad you like them, Louise. I love finding nice things from artisans with small businesses.

Maybe sometime your travels will take you to the Farmhouse's shop in Texas, so you can see them in person.