Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not Your Ordinary Bread Box: Three Unusual Storage Options

stacking bread bins

We've looked at bread boxes before - but not anything quite like the ones I'd like to show you today! Let's start with the stacking bread bins (or bread drums) from WMF; these could be a nice space-saver.

kitchen drawer inserts bread box

Have a spare drawer in your kitchen? This next one is hard to see - but Custom Inserts will change a drawer into a bread box.

Panetière - reproduction bread bin

Bastide educated me about the panetière: "A panetière or breadbin is a wooden piece of furniture dedicated to the storage of the bread." Bastide also explains that in the 19th century, in Provence, you got some very elaborate wall-hung designs.

If you'd like a reproduction panetière, head on over to Eric Marjolet.

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