Monday, September 14, 2009

Hooks: Organize with the Animals

squirrel hook

Continuing my quest for the world's most interesting hooks - hooks being such a good organizing tool - I've found that Anthropologie has added some lovely option in its hardware section. It was hard to pick a favorite between the squirrel and the owl. [via Oh Joy]

cat hook

There are only two of this cat hook left at The Fair Trade Faerie.

red lobster hook

And over at Cocoboheme, I'm equally taken with the lobster and the bull. Update on January 9, 2012: I'm no longer finding these products on the Cocoboheme web site.

dachshund hook

Somehow when I wrote about dog-related hooks before, I missed this dachshund from Haseform; the company also has an octopus, an elephant and more. [via Ohdeedoh] Update on January 9, 2012: You can find many of the Haseform products at Connox, but I'm not finding the dachshund.

fish and crocodile peg hooks

This fish and crocodile are just two of the marvelous hooks made by Sandra Tagliabue.

sparrow hooks

Over at fredflare you can get these sparrows. [via Mrs_PJs, on Twitter] Update on January 9, 2012: I'm not longer finding these sparrows on Fred Flare, but they come from Decor Craft Inc. and you can find them other places, such as here.

crab hook

And this blue crab hook is made from recycled steel drum.

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