Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recycling Made Easier: Recycling Bins

divided trash bin for recycling

If you want to separate your recyclables, and yesterday's recycling bags aren't quite what you had in mind, maybe a recycling bin would work. Many of the companies that make trash cans also make divided cans, in various sizes, to help with recycling.

One of those is Brabantia, whose products can be bought here or here. You can get either a pedal can or a "touch bin" that opens with a soft touch on the lid. [via UK Home Ideas]

recycling bin

As organizer Joan Kosmachuk noted, Simplehuman is another company making these bins.

recycling magnets

Simplehuman also makes these recycling magnets you can put on metal bins - great for turning bins you already own into recycling bins. [via Apartment Therapy] Update on July 5, 2014: Simplehuman no longer sells these magnets.

red recycling bin

Here's a recycling bin from Wesco - another approach to the divided bin.

recycling bin with two compartments

And here's a two-compartment recycling bin from iTouchless, sold here and here (among many others).

Other companies making divided bins for recycling include Hailo (see sample here), Rotho (with a 2-section and a 5-section version), Dulton, and Neu Home.

paired bins for recycling

John Lewis has a somewhat different product: two paired bins. Update on Dec. 12, 2011: Joh Lewis no longer has this product, but it has another recycling bin.

stacked recycling bins, pink

And then there are the "tall" recycling bins. This one comes from Dulton; it's also available in white. Update on Dec. 12, 2011: I'm no longer finding this product.

recycling bins - trash sorter

And here's another one, from an office supply company. It's currently on sale, because the company is shutting down its U.S. operations. Update on Dec. 12, 2011: I'm no longer finding this one, either.

home recycling center

Then there are the Mode all-in-one recycling centers. The premium one includes a compaction system to crush cans and plastic bottles. [via the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate]

Ovetto recycling egg

And finally, there's a recycling option with Italian style: the Ovetto differenziato, or recycling egg, designed by Gianlucca Soldi. There are a number of color options. It's available here, here and here. [via organizer John Trosko and Retro To Go]

Other ideas: Some people have used the IKEA Trofast as a home recycling center. Others have used elfa drawer systems; that's one of the ideas suggested by Popular Mechanics.

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