Monday, September 28, 2009

Stashing the Shoes: Yet More Options

wall-mounted shoe rack for one pair of shoes

Shoe storage seems to be a field with continual innovations. Last November, I wrote The Definitive Guide: 15 Ways to Store the Shoes. But since then, I've found yet more options - so here's an update.

In the one-of-a-kind arena, we have the Shrine shoe rack - a way of displaying a special pair of shoes. [via Better Living Through Design]

stainless steel shoe rack

In the area of shoe racks, there's this unusual option, called the Nest shoe rack. There's also a wall-mounted version. [via Cribcandy]

two vertical shoe racks

And here's another shoe rack - available in two widths, and a number of finishes. This comes from The Bramble Company, which uses only sustainable wood from Indonesia - and is now also replanting trees. You can't buy directly from the company, but you can search for a dealer by you. (Hint: Searching by state seems to work best; search by city or by zip code will only work if there's a direct match.) I don't see any distribution outside the U.S. Update on Jan. 29, 2012: I'm no longer finding this product.

shoe organizer in closet

In the realm of cubbies, there are configure-it-yourself shoe organizers, either two-wide or three-wide. You can add as many tiers as you like.

shoe skirt for bed

And finally, I need to thank organizer Claire Tompkins for pointing me to the Shoe Skirt.


Joan K said...

Love, love, love the Bramble Company shoe shelves. Thanks for highlighting these. You are always such an amazing resource for new products.

Gail said...

I always have somewhat ambivalent feelings about things that encourage us to organize the over-consuming we have done. On the one hand, organization is great, on the other hand, we Americans consume way too many of everything - too many clothes, too many shoes, too many of - well, everything. So - like I said, ambivalent.

Jeri Dansky said...

Joan, I'm so glad you liked them!

Gail, I know what you mean. Don Aslett writes about "junk bunkers" - items we can use to store yet more junk. Everything from a jewelry box to a pegboard to a desk organizer to a shoe organizer can be a junk bunker, he says.

I try to balance posts that help people make better purchasing (and decluttering) decisions - for example, see my my Sept. 24 post - with those that provide useful storage options. Because sometimes those same items that can be "junk bunkers" are actually helping store useful stuff.

I could start each storage-option post with "Assuming you've decluttered your stuff, and you are now looking for storage for the remaining things which you use and/or love ..." - but that would get pretty tiresome!

Gail said...

Jeri, I have never heard the term junk bunkers but I like it!

Unknown said...

I would highly recommend buying the original Shoe Skirt from

The website is working and offering a special 2 for 1 deal!

Enjoy organizing : )

Jeri Dansky said...

Marla, I've updated the post to note that I no longer get the warning message when I try to go the the web site. Thanks for letting me know that it's OK now!

Now if the site would just not make noise at me when I go there - letting me choose to run the video if I want to ...