Thursday, September 3, 2009

Storage Made Stunning: Murals on Closet Doors

pantry door murals

I imagine most of us have your basic closet doors - but others have hired artist Ellen Joseph, and now have works of art on those doors! This is a kitchen pantry; the solid wood doors now look like French doors, and expand the room with a view of the hills.

closet door mural

This closet belongs to a 10-year-old girl, who says she now feels like she's sleeping outside.

mural - clouds shaped like animals

Ellen has such a creative mind; look at the animals in the clouds, on the wall above the closet!

mural on closet door - Kauai coast, Hawaii

Here's a bedroom closet with a painting of the Kauai coast.

mural over bed
And straying from the closet doors for a moment, with a National Preparedness Month thought: Those of us in earthquake territory need to be cautious about what we hang over our beds; a mural is a perfectly safe approach!

Added on Sept. 4, 2009:
closet door mural of Venice

And here's one more closet-door mural for your enjoyment: a painting of Venice.

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Cynthia Friedlob said...

Ooooh, lovely! Especially the kitchen pantry. And the home containing it looks very fine, too.

Anonymous said...

Ellen Joseph also painted a wonderful mural of Venice on my ugly but servicable IKEA closets. Now when we lie in bed we can imagine that we are back on a gondala in magical Venice.

Jeri Dansky said...

Cynthia, I imagine they are even more lovely in person.

Anonymous, I just added a photo of your closet doors!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! the Venice one reminds me somewhat of an apartment that was on the Apartment Therapy site a while back - he used paint-by-numbers of some city scenes, and enlarged them to fit his walls, and then painted those. Great idea for those of us who would love to do something like this, but fear to try free-hand. If I remember correctly, he even hosted "painting parties". If I can find the link, I'll send it on....

Anonymous said...

found it!

it looks like there are a number of items for more inspiration, do a search for "paint-by-numbers"