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Organizing and Displaying the Collection: Thimbles

three thimbles

If you're going to have a collection of special objects, it's nice to make the most of it by having the objects (or perhaps a rotating subset of those objects) on display, so you and other can enjoy them.

For example, take thimbles. There are so many ways to display them! Of course, you could have a few just sitting out almost anywhere - but what if you want to display more of them? Many companies sell basic display cases, but let's look at some of the more unusual options.

semicircular thimble display rack

Langford Woodcraft sells a range of semicircular thimble display racks - and a full circular one, too.

Great Britain thimble rack
elephant display rack

Paul Anderson makes some fun thimble racks - in pine or mahogany finish - shaped like countries and animals.

red thimble rack

And here's a different sort of thimble rack, available in four colors.

revolving brass thimble rack

The Thimble Guild carries a few of Paul Anderson's many products, as well as some of Langford Woodwork's products. But it also has brass racks - free-standing racks and racks for the wall. There's also this one, which revolves. Update on Nov. 11, 2012: The Thimble Rack no longer carries this product, and I'm not finding it anywhere else, either.

leather thimble harness

The Thimble Guild also carries this leather "thimble harness."

thimble display

These come from Thimbleselect, of Australia.

thimble display case

Nimble’s Thimble Display Case Co. makes some lovely products.

thimble display case, glass shelves

Here's another thimble display case - this one with glass shelves.

thimble display cabinet

And here's a thimble display cabinet that was made by Redpath Design, a fine furniture company.

thimble display dome

And then there are also the thimble domes, in a range of sizes.

As you can see at the start of this video, this collector has a number of thimble cabinets (and some pretty wonderful thimbles)!

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