Friday, September 18, 2009

Waste Bins and Baskets with Lots of Color

If you're not into neutrals, you might want to look at the trash bins from Vipp, which are hand-assembled in Denmark. While the Vipp trash cans mostly come in neutrals, there's one limited edition color-of-the-year: yellow cab in 2009, and a purple in 2008. The bins come in five sizes; Giggle recommends using one of them as a diaper pail!

You can get the 2009 color from the Vipp web site, or check the list of vendors; Design Within Reach and Emmo Home are two of many. I found the 2008 color at Zinc Details. [via Retro To Go]

Update on Nov. 21, 2011: The sites listed may not carry the specific colors they did when I first wrote this post, but they all still have some Vipp trash bins.

orange waste bin

Not the right colors for you? Brabantia will let you pick from over 200 colors!

Mondrian waste basket

And while this photo isn't the best, I'm guessing the Mondrian waste basket, made from lacquered wood, is lovely in person.

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John Trosko said...


You've totally been reading my mind. I saw these Vipp waste bins in a restaurant in Rittenhauer Square in Philadelphia two weeks ago and have been looking for them ever since. They're beautiful. Thanks for the post!

John aka OrganizingLA

Jeri Dansky said...


Great organizing minds think alike! I'm glad to know these are as impressive in person as they seemed to be from the web.

Rachel said...

I'm having a bit of a garbage can/recycling bin dilemma that I'm hoping you (Jeri, or anyone else for that matter) might be able to help with. I keep my main recycling bin on the main level of my house because that's where it fits best (for space and cleanliness reasons). But I have bathrooms and bedrooms upstairs (and I do most all of my paperwork upstairs in my bedroom) where lots of recyclable waste is generated. Though it's good exercise, it's a pain in the butt to run downstairs every time I want to put something in the recycle bin. I don't like keeping a little pile in a designated spot to be brought to the bin on my next trip downstairs because I'm anal and it bothers me to see those things "not in their proper home". So what I'm looking for is a sort of dual-garbage-can that has two compartments -- one to be used for garbage and the other for recyclables. I want the whole unit (or at least each compartment) to be small, i.e., the size most people would keep in a powder room. I might end up just getting a separate garbage can to be purposed specifically for recycling in each of these rooms, but I thought it'd be ideal to have one partitioned can. The Binvention you referenced in your 2-11-07 post might work, though it looks a little less streamlined than I'd like. I don't need the container to have a lid (in fact I'd prefer if it didn't), so I'm really just looking for a basic bathroomish-size garbage can that has a divider inside, though I haven't been able to find any such thing. I thought I'd check to see if you knew of any two-compartment small garbage pails or otherwise suitable containers. You always have the best ideas! Thanks for any help you can offer.

Jeri Dansky said...

Rachel, the trash mug listed in this post might be just what you're looking for.