Friday, November 7, 2008

Felted Bowls: An Etsy Extravaganza

green felted bowl with soaps

Small colorful storage at reasonable prices - what's not to like? All of the sellers I've included here have a number of different bowls for sale; if you're at all interested, click through to see their other works.

The bowl above comes from SNEAL Made Woolen Creations.

felted bowl, tree with autumn-colored leaves

This bowl, with its autumn leaves, has been donated by the artist to Etsy for Charity. You can see her other bowls on her own Etsy shop, Valerie's Gallery.

orange felted bowl

Kim Buchneit makes some darling little bowls.

felted bowl with poppies

This bowl comes from Gretchen's Creations.

felted bowl, orange

And this little bowl comes from Julie Persons at Creation Nation.

beige partially-felted bowl, holding tea bags

Kobo H made this bowl with its felted and non-felted portions; the top part is made with recycled yarn. (The artist also makes bowl that are entirely felted.)

pink felted bowl with flower

And this bowl comes from ColAreto.

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Miz Molly said...

I've never seen a felted bowl before this. Some of these are seriously cute!

Jeri Dansky said...

Miz Molly, I'd never seen them until about a year ago, either!