Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hang Your Coats from a Tree

tree wall sticker with hooks holding coats

What an interesting way to use hooks - along with this tree sticker from ferm Living. [via Apartment Therapy]

five leaf hooks and tree image on the wall

And here's a similar idea using hooks from Vertbaudet. [via babygadget]

four leaf hooks

And I'll bet you could do something similar with these leaf hooks.

stained glass maple leaf hook

This stunning stained glass maple leaf hook is another option.

If you wanted to pursue this idea, there are certainly plenty of tree wall decals available - or you could work with a muralist to get just the look you want.


Miz Molly said...

We use a big 6 foot tall solid 'tree' in our laundry - made from rough hewn pine & varnished - with about 12 large pegs jutting out. We use it to hang up the school backpacks, hats, school jackets etc. It is luckily very sturdy!

Jeri Dansky said...

Wow, Miz Molly - that's sturdy indeed, if it can handle backpacks! If you'd like to e-mail me a picture, I might just include it in a separate blog post.

I've written about coat trees before, but none of these look like they'd handle backpacks - at least the way many kids stuff them full. Maybe some of the hall trees could, though.