Thursday, November 6, 2008

Second Look: 2009 Planners and Calendars

drawing of Han

Handel calendar page

Update on Oct. 28, 2010: Although this post features 2009 planners and calendars, many of the companies and organizations noted have 2011 versions available now; the links have been updated to point to the new products.

For those of us who still like paper calendars, with nice-sized boxes we can write in, here are some more options worthy of consideration.

Paul Helm does some amazing art work - and now you can go to Zazzle and get his illustrations on calendars: his 2009 Opera Calendar or his 2009 Great Composers Calendar. You get a choice of calendar styles; these are large numbers, but you can also get a classic grid with smaller numbers; there are many other ways to customize the calendar, too.

calendar with drawings of girls

Continuing on with art calendars, here's Suzanne Woolcott's 2009 Gorjuss calendar. Update on Oct 28, 2010: There are no calendars for sale on Suzanne's web site right now - and sadly, she is having medical issues.

monthly planner with landscape picture

The Green Office sells calendars and planners from House of Doolittle made with 100% Post-consumer paper

two dachshund photos

And if you want to support some good causes, many Humane Societies and similar organizations publish calendars. These pictures come from the Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue Foundation's calendar. Some other noteworthy calendars come from the Woodford Humane Society, the Montgomery County Humane Society, the Austin Humane Society, the Toronto Humane Society, and PDSA in the UK. Most of the web sites don't show the inside pages, so you'll want to be sure that whatever calendar you get is designed in a way that meets your needs. Update on Oct. 28, 2010: The organizations with no links are no longer printing calendars.

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