Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Whole Lot of Organizing Going On

twitter search for organizing

Just in case you thought you were the only one needing to get organized, a quick look at twitter will show you're not alone! (And congratulations to all who got a bit more organized the past few days.)

And while I'm not yet using Twitter, I'll confess that I too did some organizing this weekend, cleaning up e-mail and other stuff on the computer.

Clkirk: "organizing stuff...tons of stuff. good to do this every few months; reminds me i don't need to buy any more hats."

Nicoleconard: "Just got done organizing the basement. I am exhausted."

BellaKarma: "Finally organizing closet. Want to get it done this weekend so I can get back to my artful life."

Computer Files
Resherpa: "procrastinated long enough - spending the day organizing my computer files - like wire coat hangers they multiply when you're not looking"

Nth_degree: "organizing all my RSS feeds and bookmarks. This is going to take a while."

Craft supplies
Leviatti: "Organizing craft supplies. Do they reproduce? I think I have a little problem. Help me, Martha!"

Yager03: "Organizing the garage for the 3rd time this year...where does all this stuff come from?"

Goggans: "Somehow my afternoon plans of doing yard work and enjoying this beautiful weather were over turned in favor of organizing the garage."

Rocknrollstar: "Just finished cleaning and re-organizing the garage. Exhausted, wow that was a lot of work. You can actually move in there now."

Meanchat: "Spent an hour organizing unread magazines. At what point do I throw them out? The piles just keep growing."

Whimsy13: "Decluttering my office! Badly needed, and I'm making progress though it's hard to see that I am."

Lesliehancock: "Big accomplishment of the day: Cleaning and organizing my office. It's a bigger deal than it may seem."

Startupbin: "organizing photos is hard work."

Roseyland: "I've been organizing pictures on my computer for 6 hours. Almost done."

Davidanaxagoras: "Organizing my digital photos...and making a solemn vow to organize everything I download when I download it from now on."

Stevehurl88: "I'm organizing my Flickr photos. All 3,286 of them. Maybe I should filter them through a little better as well..."


Nathan said...

Hey! That's me! Strange to see a Twitter from me end up on someone's blog. My pictures are now organized thank you.

Jeri Dansky said...

Nathan, congratulations! And congratulation on the new MacBook.

I'm glad you commented; it got me over to your blog, and I loved the Obama rally post.

And you have a cute cat.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you posted about this today...I just got done reading about Darren Rowse's new Twitter blog ( on Problogger. I haven't gotten a Twitter account yet, but with all the organizing you pointed out here, maybe I should!

Jeri Dansky said...

Sarah, thanks for the pointer to TwiTip. If I ever decide to start using Twitter, it looks like a great resource.

Anonymous said...

worried that my 2 kids might have problems deciding who gets what some day, i have devised an easy way to avoid "issues". As I go through their "stuff" in the attic, closets etc, I take a digital pic send it to them both at the same time and ask who wants it, reply all. If someone does then it goes ON THEIR SIDE of the attic and labeled with that name. If BOTH DESIRE the item, then it is put aside til there is another double desire and they decide between the two items. I also do this with many of my own things that I think they might want to have someday. If no one is interested then it either gets sold on Ebay or goes in a box to a charity thrift shop. This process has considerably lightened the chaos of things in the house and will prevent arguments in the future. Everyone likes the process and adheres to the decisions.

Jeri Dansky said...

Btrcup888, congratulations on tackling these issues now, and coming up with an approach that works for the whole family. It sounds like you have raised some good children.

You are covered on the legal end with a will and/or a trust, right? (And an Advance Health Care Directive, and a Financial Power of Attorney?) I got all my documents drawn up by an attorney somewhere over a year ago now, and it's good to have that done. Now all I need to do is review it every year.