Monday, November 17, 2008

How It Feels to Declutter

Oprah - Messy House Tour logo

Peter Walsh is, once again, helping people to declutter and organize their homes. While I missed seeing the first episode of Oprah's Messy House Tour (no TV, and the person who was going to tape it for me ran into difficulties), I was delighted to read this quote from someone who was featured on the show - and to read Peter's comments, too.
Patty says her house has truly become a home. "Before, it was a collection of stuff in a box. Now, it is a place where we live together and enjoy each other and we have peace together," she says. "We're sleeping better. We're getting more time to spend together. It's just a much more pleasant, calming, peaceful, sweet place to be that embodies the soul of our family, our marriage and our relationship with each other."

Peter says anyone can create a home like Patty's. "We dressed that room, with almost no exception, with things that were already in the house," he says. "Your house has things that you love, but they are covered in all the clutter. Remove the clutter and then honor and respect those things that make your heart sing."

[Quote from Oprah's web site]

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