Friday, November 7, 2008

10 Twine Stands and String Dispensers

small oak twine stand, with dark-colored twine

If I had a personal list of Things That Might Be Useful to Own, a twine holder would be - nowhere. But your needs might be different - maybe you're more of a gardener than I am, or a different type of cook. And some of these are so lovely I almost wish I could use one. The oak twine stand above, from Labour and Wait, comes in two sizes; this is the smaller one. [via Design Mom]

beech twine holder

This beech twine holder follows the same basic design - with less styling.

jumbo twine stand, with twine

And this jumbo twine stand, made of oak, is a real beauty! There's a smaller version, too.

acorn-shaped twine holder

This acorn-shaped twine holder is made of alder wood.

string dispenser, enameled tin, says string on it

Moving on from these wood options, here's a string dispenser made of enameled tin.

Welsh string dispenser say Llinyn

And here's the Welsh version!

string dispenser, cast iron

Or what about a cast iron string dispenser - a replica of a Victorian style?

string holder Victorian reproduction

Here's another reproduction Victorian string holder.

green twine on hanging dispenser

For a very different approach, here are balls of twine that come with their own dispenser. [via Better Homes and Gardens]

hanging twine holder

And finally, here's another hanging twine holder.


Anonymous said...


Your post is very timely. This past weekend I was in cooking-mode and for the umpteenth time I vowed I was going to find a gizmo to keep my cooking twine organized.

Yesterday, one of my clever clients showed me a budget-version: drop the twine in a glass jar, poke a hole in the lid of the jar and, presto!

Your examples are much better looking!

Jeri Dansky said...

Glad you like them, Geralin said...

Wow, who knew there are so many attractive twine dispensers out there! I'm looking for a more industrial application - that would hang and have a little blade to cut the twine. Any ideas?