Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Toy Boxes for All Tastes

toyn box shaped like a horse

Big toy chests or boxes can get overused; they don't work well for small toys, or toys with small parts, since those small things get lost in a large box. But they do have their uses for larger items — and some toy boxes are small enough to still be useful for smaller items.

Let's look around, starting with the charming Leka Trojan Horse — a combination toy, stool and storage item. Leka suggests you use it for storing things like blocks. You can buy it here.

toy boxes with mermaids and dinosaurs

The Empty Box Company sells toy boxes in two sizes and a huge range of designs.

toy boxes, three sizes, stacked, bright colors

The toy boxes from Childs & Co come in three sizes and eight colors — and they use "a clever wooden hinge to stop little fingers being trapped." [via Baby Gadget] Update on Feb. 25, 2015: The toy boxes from Childs & Co now come with lids that lift off.

toy chest with barnyard animals

For a more traditional toy box, take a look at those from Pintoy — available many places, including Amazon UK.

modular toy boxes

And I've mentioned the modular ViaBoxes before — but it was a long time ago, and they deserve another look.

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