Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Organizing in Miniature: Amazing Furniture

miniature breakfront bookcase

Want some nice furniture to provide storage in your dollhouse? Let me show you some of the nicest pieces I've seen. Some of these are quite expensive, but we can always do some virtual window-shopping and admire the artistry, right?

Let's start with Michael Walton, who makes miniature Georgian 1" scale furniture - including this incredible breakfront bookcase.

miniature commode with real marquetry
miniature chest of drawers with marble top

Anticoli Miniaturas has furniture at two different price points. The collector series provides "reproductions of authentic antique furniture. The furniture is made with the same materials and the same techniques that were used in its traditional preparation." You can find some of these for sale at Swan House Miniatures - including the two above, one with extensive marquetry and one with a marble top. The classic series is more affordable because the marquetry and marble are not real; you can find some of those pieces at The Little Dollhouse Company.

miniature French regional cabinet

Sylvain Grandserre used to be a cabinetmaker; now makes some elaborately carved miniature pieces. Again, you can find some of these at Swan House Miniatures.

miniature carved chest

David Hurley Miniatures is another source of lovely carved pieces - and again, some are available through Swan House Miniatures.

miniature cabinet

And Janet Reyburn of South Africa is yet another artisan whose work you can find at Swan House Miniatures.

To see even more lovely storage-type furniture at Swan House Miniatures, take a look at the offerings from Herbillon, Jo Leclerc and Renee Isabelle.

miniature dressing table

Sally Meekins makes miniature ceramics while her husband, Steven, makes miniature furniture — including some interesting art deco pieces.

miniature dresser with picture of Rapunzel; also a miniature bed

Finally, here's some children's room furniture — a dresser from Twinkling Treasures, featuring Rapunzel.

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JustGail said...

Wow! These are gorgeous - and pricey. I wish I knew where I saw that someone used their collection of doll furniture for organizing their own small bits and pieces like stamps, paper clips, push pins, etc. These might not hold alot, but they would certainly class up a desk.

Jeri Dansky said...

JustGail, using dollhouse furniture for things like paper clips is a really interesting idea - thank you!