Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stylish Toy Storage, from Cute to Sophisticated

cute storage bins filled with toys

You don't need a specialized "toy basket" or "toy crate" to store the toys — any appropriately-sized container that's also child-safe would work fine. But let's look at some of the products marketed for toys — because some of them are delightful, and because they may also give you ideas about other ways to store the toys. (For toy boxes and chests — the lidded type — see yesterday's post.)

Let's start with the storage bins from 3 Sprouts — the same company that makes the cute wall-mounted organizers I mentioned recently.

toy basket

This toy basket comes from Lilliputiens in Belgium; you can buy it at Jolena.

felted wool toy basket, with elephant

Én Gry & Sif makes toy baskets from felted wool; you can find them at Danish Bohemia. And for those in other parts of the world, I also found one basket at The Praying Mantis in New Zealand, and two at Elegant Roots in the U.S.

toy basket with animal design

Another style of toy basket comes to us from Corban & Blair. It's widely available in Australia, including at PVQ — and Corban & Blair does ship internationally.

rattan toy basket

Restoration Hardware Baby and Child has a rattan toy basket, and liners for that basket.

bamboo container with toys

The Nua Bubbles from RED Edition are made from bamboo and have a lacquer interior. [via Swiss Miss and Famille Summerbelle]

toy crate personalized with child's name

And finally, let's admire the personalized toy crates from Plantabox, available in your choice of eight colors.

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