Friday, August 26, 2011

Support Your Local Non-Profit Thrift Store

Sign for Senior Coastsiders Thrift Store

Don't want the hassle of running a yard sale? Looking for a good place to donate things you no longer need? See if your community has a thrift shop that's used to fund local community programs.

I just dropped off some of a client's items at the Senior Coastsiders Thrift Store in Half Moon Bay, and got a warm thank-you as well as a tax receipt for my client. The store provides 25-30% of the budget for Senior Coastsiders, which offers a wide range of valuable services.

Some of the items donated don't meet the needs of the store, but very little goes to waste. Some of those items go to another non-profit thrift store further down the coast in Pescadero. And once a week, Goodwill sends over a truck to pick up a bunch of stuff; Goodwill certainly has more resources than my little local store for handling a wide range of donated items, and making sure as much as possible gets reused.

sign at thrift store, listing its hours

Of course, you'll want to check with your thrift store to learn when it accepts donations, and what items it's prepared to take; my local store won't accept microwaves or televisions, for example. But there's a lot it does take, providing me an easy one-stop drop-off for clothes, jewelry, linens and much more.

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