Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Desk Decor: Erasable Notepads and Message Boards

ceramic notepad

Most of us keep some kind of note-taking device close at hand in our offices — either a computer or some other electronic device, or some sort of paper. But there's another option: erasable tablets or boards, designed for the tabletop. And these same tools could also be used to keep a few critical bits of information front and center.

Many of these seem to be ceramic, such as the ceramic notepad from Yoyo Ceramics, shown above. There's also one shaped like a speech bubble. [via EcoSalon]

ceramic notepad

You can also get a ceramic memo board, in a slightly different style, from See Jane Work or Sorting With Style. [via Swiss Miss]

ceramic message board

And a third ceramic option, this time a message board, comes from Gracious Goods and can be found on the Neiman Marcus and Horchow web sites — and through Iron Accents, too.

bamboo desktop notepad

Don't want ceramic? How about the desktop bamboo tablet (large) or to-do board (small) from Three by Three?

tabletop blackboard message board

And there's always the blackboard — again, in a tabletop or desktop size. Restaurant supply vendors are a good source of tabletop message boards.

blackboard globe

But for something really cool, how about a blackboard globe — like this eye-catching Idea Globe from Richard Ryan Anderson? This was made from a classroom globe, chalkboard paint, and a few other supplies. You can find people selling blackboard globes on the web, or you could make your own. [photo from Flickr; used with Anderson's permission]

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Rozhmaizite said...

thanks for the idea! Good alternative of "post-its"! and it more eco ;)