Monday, August 15, 2011

Small Space Organizing: Using the Walls

straps to hold things on wall

When space is tight, one way to find more storage space is to use the walls. And one interesting way to do that is with the naoLoop Loft - somewhat reminiscent of the Strap from Droog, but a very different look. [via From Europe]

wall organizer pockets, fabric

Another approach is to use pockets — sort of like the shoe pockets we put on closet doors. One version of these is the Wally from By Nord; Nordic Elements sells both the white and gray versions. [via Apartment Therapy]

wall organizers in an office, polyester

Kangaroom Storage by g.u.s. also has a product called the Wally Wall Organizer, which is quite different. I like this photo from Franklin Covey (which also sells the Wally) because it gives you an idea of the size — and I like the idea of using more than one!

three wall organizers, rustic look

Restoration Hardware Baby & Child has three wall organizers — and while the style isn't one I would normally associate with children, it's still an interesting wall organizing option.

wall organizers for kids, with animals

And for a little color and whimsy, take a look at the wall organizers from 3 Sprouts. These are three of the four options; there's also a penguin.

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Oksana @ Order Matters said...

Love all of these! So many of us don't give walls a chance when it comes to adding much needed storage. These are terrific options.

Sarah K. said...

I love the animals from Three Sprouts. It's like functional wall art! I may just have to pick one up for my two year old daughter. :)

Jeri Dansky said...

Sarah, my problem would be deciding which one! If you do get one, I'd be interested in hearing if they are as wonderful in person as they appear on the web - and how well they work for your daughter.