Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Organizing in Miniature: Beyond the Furniture

miniature piggy bank

The dollhouse furniture is in place — the bookshelves, cabinets and such. So now let's look at what other organizing-related items you might want for that dollhouse.

Perhaps you'd like a piggy bank, to provide a good place for any spare coins. Acquisto Silver can help with that. Update on June 19, 2013: I'm not seeing this on the Acquisto Silver website, but you can find it at Swan House Miniatures.

miniature canister set for dollhouse

Moving on to kitchen items, I was delighted to find this Quimper canister set. The canisters are hand-painted by Christopher Whitford, and sold by Swan House Miniatures.

dollhouse miniature cookie jar, shaped like teddy bear

If you'd like a cookie jar, Blue Kitty Miniatures can help. Update on July 25, 2015: Blue Kitty Miniatures is on "permanent vacation," so you're out of luck in getting this one.

miniature wrought iron wine rack, for six bottles

And J. Getzan has a selection of miniature wrought iron wine racks.

miniature alarm clock

Clocks can be a useful time management tool, and Truly Scrumptious Miniatures has both nursery alarm clocks and a brass alarm clock, hand made in England. You can buy them through the company, or from Swan House Miniatures.

miniature bookends, wooden, with elephants

If your dollhouse has books, you may need bookends. These wooden elephant miniature bookends come from Siliva Leiner. Update on July 25, 2015: I'm no longer finding these at the site where I first saw them, but these bookends look like the same thing (although the artist is not identified).

miniature elephant foot umbrella stand

Or, staying with elephants for a minute, maybe you need an umbrella stand — a miniature elephant foot umbrella stand, from Nantasy Fantasy.

miniature garment rack with hangers

Nantasy Fantasy has other fun things, too — like this miniature garment rack, with hangers.

miniature garage sale sign

Finally, just in case the dollhouse residents wind up with clutter, this garage sale sign from Lauren Delaney might be useful!


Marcie Lovett said...

The furniture post was amazing, but this is unbelievable! How do those craftspeople work on such tiny things?

Jacki Hollywood Brown said...

I'm in LOVE with this stuff. How I wish I had it when I was a kid!

Jeri Dansky said...

Marcie and Jacki, I'm glad I'm not the only one enchanted by this stuff!