Monday, May 9, 2011

Organizing with Felt: Pails, Boxes and Baskets

felt pail / bucket

Organizing with pails? That's not so odd - but I've never seen felt pails before! These were designed by Monika Piatkowski of Hive, and you can get them at Theo Theo and at Bouf. The ones at Bouf say PAIL on them; it seems as though the ones at Theo Theo do not. [via Swiss Miss and Better Living Through Design. Update on August 6, 2015: I'm no longer finding these at Bouf or at Theo Theo.

gray felt box with bamboo lid

Over at Branch you can get the "Friend" felt box with a bamboo top, from Shine Labs - allowing you to have the softness of felt while still being able to stack the containers. It comes in orange and charcoal. [via Four Walls, a Floor, and a Roof] Update on August 6, 2015: Branch is going out of business, and the website for Shine Labs has disappeared.

felt basket

And here's one more: the felt basket at Chic by Design, with four color options.

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