Monday, May 23, 2011

Storing Shoes of All Shapes and Sizes

display / storage rack for high heels

You've gotten rid of the shoes you no longer need in your life — given them to Soles4Souls, perhaps. (I'll be participating in a shoe drive for this organization beginning on June 1 — more on this soon.) And now it's time to store the shoes you're keeping.

I've been seeing lots of creative options lately — such as the gymnasium wall bars from Rochesters, which work well for heels.

display / storage for trainers / running shoes

For storing a different kind of shoe, there's Hold My Trainer, sold by Bouf.

rack for baby shoes

And yet another type of specialized storage is Boon's Curl — a baby shoe rack.

stackable shoe boxes

Want something that will handle all types of shoes? There's ShoeTrap, a series of stackable shoe boxes of various sizes. [via The Shelving Store]

wall-mounted cabinet for shoes

And then there's the Shoe Box wall cabinet from Kristalia, sold by Unica Home. [via Apartment Therapy]

shoe basket

Just want to store a few pairs of shoes — by the door, perhaps? Here's a shoe basket, designed for boat use — but certainly usable in other situations.

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Tammy said...

I'm not enough of a shoe person to spend much money or give lany prime space to a shoe organizer. I stopped at a bed bath and beyond and bought a "Shoes Under" for $9.99 - just a zippered cloth ompartmented bin that slides easily under the bed. I keep my everyday shoes out since I usually wear the same ones, but all others get stashed under the bed in this, and pulled out once a week. It gets bad reviews online because the cloth isn't reinforced or firm, but it really works great!

Jeri Dansky said...

Tammy, it's always interesting to hear what works for people! I mentioned similar inexpensive under-the-bed storage products in my earlier post on 15 Ways to Store the Shoes.