Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Burlap Baskets

basket / coffee sack basket
basket from coffee sacks

Burlap baskets provide interesting storage at not-astronomical prices. Over at Brin and Nohl, Jody makes some nice coffee sack baskets. You can also find her baskets at Shop to Be Green - and at Hunt and Gather in Australia. In Canada, eNanoo has recycled coffee sack baskets from an unidentified source; they look similar to the Bring and Nohl products.

bucket made from recycled coffee bean sacks

ShaggyBaggy also buckets made from recycled coffee bean sacks.

storage baskets from recycled coffee sacks

Henry Road takes those recycled coffee sacks and lines them with striped fabric to make some distinctive storage. [via OrganizingLA and Apartment Therapy]

two burlap baskets - one says Mr., one Mrs.

But not all burlap buckets have the coffee sack look - as you can see from these Mr. and Mrs. burlap baskets from Jennifer Lyons.

Burlap baskets, says Sprout

Finally, Happy Girlz Design makes burlap baskets with your choice of a word.


John Trosko said...

Hi Jeri, thanks for the mention! I love burlap baskets... they feel more organic than a plastic container... and I am pretty sure they are not too difficult to clean. You continue to inspire me!

John aka OrganizingLA

Jeri Dansky said...

Hi John - I really like them, too. I have a number of clients who want to minimize their use of plastics, so it's always nice to find good alternatives.