Friday, May 20, 2011

Large Storage Pieces: Blanket Chests

blanket chest

Looking for a lovely way to store spare blankets — or pillows, sweaters, etc.? A blanket chest could be the answer. The one above comes from Pompanoosuc Mills, which sells blanket chests in various styles and sizes. All the chests have cedar bottoms.

blanket chest

Here's a gorgeous blanket chest from Morgan Woodworks, featured on the wonderful CustomMade web site.

blanket chest

This blanket chest from Peter S. Turner is another one I found via CustomMade.

Zebrawood blanket chest

Pat Camara sells his beautiful blanket chests on his Etsy store.

blanket chest, painted

Moving beyond the "just gorgeous wood" look, there's this fanciful blanket chest created by Mark Ragonese.

blanket chest with marquetry flowers

Craig Thibodeau of CT Fine Furniture makes this blanket chest with its "marquetry imagery of white gladiola flower." You can find another of his blanket chests at Artful Home.

blue blanket chest

Somerset Bay provides blanket chests in 18 different finishes; one place to get them is Posh Tots.

antique blanket chest

HL Chalfant sells American Fine Art and Antiques — including a number of blanket chests. They aren't all as expensive as this one is.

blanket chest, partially painted green with snowflakes

And for a new approach to the blanket chest, see the pieces created by Andrew Pitts. His work is also featured at Artful Home.

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