Friday, May 27, 2011

Valet Stands: What They Are and Why You Might Want One

wood valet stand

One way to minimize the morning rush is to decide the night before what you'll be wearing the next day — and then you could assemble that next-day wardrobe on a valet stand. (A modified version of this approach is the valet rod that many closet companies offer.) Some valet stands also provide a place for your wallet, change, etc. — so everything you need can be assembled in one place. Those who dress formally — in suits, etc. — would get more benefit from a valet stand than those of us who dress fairly casually. But all of us can admire the nice products available to us — although some might be difficult to get outside of Europe.

The gentlemen's valet stand shown above comes from Stephen Morris Furniture - and you can also find it at Not on the High Street.

mahogany valet stand

And if you have a lot of money to spend, you could consider the mahogany valet stand from Hermès.

chrome valet stand

Of course, not all valet stands are wood. Here's the Flamingo 2 valet stand from D-Tec.

white valet stand or clothes rack

And then there are the valet stands that seem more suited for casual use, such as this one designed by Gabriella Gustafsson for Design House Stockholm. It's described as "an alternative to the 'clothes chair' (you know the one, the chair in the bedroom that you throw all your clothes over)." Luminaire is another U.S. distributor. This could work beautifully as a place to store those semi-dirty clothes we all grapple with.

white resin sculptural valet stand

But for pure fun, it would be hard to beat this valet de nuit, which comes to us from MADE 75 in Paris.

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LuKerr said...

Hi Jeri, although a valet stand might help with my organization problem, it is still not good enough. My question is regarding the clothes that I have worn a few times, but I don't want to wash them yet, such as a sweater. I don't feel okay to put it back to its original drawer because it is not 'clean'. But I don't want to wash it after wearing it a couple of times only. There are other items such as jackets and dress pants... What should I do. Right now, they are piling up everywhere in my bedroom. I'm running out of space:(

Jeri Dansky said...

Hi LuKerr,

I wrote a post specifically about this: Semi-Dirty Clothes: 9 Approaches.