Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Honor of My Mom: Organizing in Blue

blue wall-mounted wine rack

Tradition! On this fourth anniversary of my mom's death, I'm once again remembering her with a post featuring blue organizing products — blue being her favorite color. That wine rack above is the Vynebar, which comes in a number of colors. [via ShelterPop]

fabric magnet board, blue and white pattern, framed

This lovely framed magnet board comes from Elegance Farm Homestead. The boards are available in different sizes and fabrics.

blue felted magnets

FELTgood makes these magnets — available in a range of colors — good for a magnet board, a refrigerator, or whatever else works with magnets in your home or office. Update on May 9, 2013: FELTgood seems to have disappeared.

blue elk magnet

Or for something more whimsical, take a look at this elk magnet; it's available in six other colors, too. Update on May 9, 2013: The store that sold these seems to have disappeared. 

French ribbon memory board with hummingbirds on turquoise background

For another kind of memo board, here's a French ribbon memo board from Kayskrafts — one of many patterns available.

Pantone color tin box - blue

Over at The Holding Company you can get this Pantone colour tin box, in Pantone 286 — or one of nine other colors.

fabric basket with birds and eggs on a blue background; yellow interior

Moving on to baskets and bins, here's one of the fabric baskets from NeedleNook Creations.

blue basket

This basket comes from Georgia Mills — a carpet company! There are six color options. Update on May 9, 2013: Georgia Mills no longer sells these baskets.

bookcase with blue shelf

Finally, let's admire the SR Bookcase from Scout Regalia, with the pretty shelf that looks close to Tiffany-box blue. This is a product with lots of color options; "a range of 210 paint colors and sealed wood options are available." [via Better Living Through Design]

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Carrie Ellman said...

Jeri, This post reminds me of my late grandma who loved everything blue. When she was alive we would joke about how we would even try to buy her greeting cards with a blue theme because we knew she wouldn't set out any others that didn't match her blue decor! After she died and we went through her things we all saved something blue to remember her by (like blue glass peacock shaped perfume bottles). I think this is a beautiful way to honor your mom.

Rachel said...

A beautiful post Jeri. Blue happens to be a favorite color, and these are lovely ideas to share the love of blue!

Jeri Dansky said...

Carrie, your grandma sounds so much like my mom. And what a neat thing for your family to have done, taking the blue mementos. I have two blue items from my mom: a gourd vessel I gave her many years ago, and the dress she wore to my brother's wedding.

Rachel, I'm glad you enjoyed all the blue!

Cynthia Friedlob said...

Such a lovely annual tribute to your mother!

I particularly like the Pantone tin boxes and the cute elk magnet.

Jeri Dansky said...

Cynthia: I was especially fond of the elk, myself.

The Pantone tin was a nice surprise find when I went looking yesterday; I'd seen it in other colors before, but never in blue.