Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beyond the Piggy Bank: Tzedkah Boxes

tzedakah box

When I last wrote about piggy banks, I got this comment from fellow organizer Claire Josefine:

Jeri, have I already suggested that you do a related post on Tzedakah boxes, or pushkes? They are boxes - some very ornate - intended for saving for charitable purposes. A nice, slightly different angle on savings. -

Glad to oblige, Claire! And this seems a good time to look at these boxes, as we enter a season of thanksgiving - and of giving to others.

Let's start with one that actually looks like a box - although Yair Emanuel has tzedakah boxes in a number of shapes.

tzedakah box

Here a tzedakah box from Gary Rosenthal, with tzedakah in Hebrew, and these words in English: May we not be judged by how much we acquire but let us be blessed according to how much we give.

tzedakah box

This is one of the many tzedakah boxes from Stained Glass Designs by Susan Fullenbaum.

porcelain tzedakah box

Here's a lovely little porcelain tzedakah box from Spode.

tzedakah box

And here's a hand-painted tzedakah box from Kakadu Designs. Update on April 17, 2019: The company no longer shows any tzedakah boxes on its website.

Noah's Ark shaped tzedakah box

Here's a tzedakah box with a Noah's Ark theme, from Seeka - where you can find many other designs, too. These boxes are made from stainless steel. Update on April 17, 2019: The company no longer shows any tzedakah boxes on its website.

ironwork tzedakah box

I found this one at Modern Tribe; it's identified as the Real Men Give Tzedakah Box. It's made by Steve Bronstein of Blackthorne Forge. [via Cool Mom Picks] Update on April 19, 2019: I'm no longer finding this one at Modern Tribe, but this one (or something similar) is at Blackthorne Forge.

tzedakah box shaped like a synagogue

Reuven Masel makes some pretty amazing synagogue replica tzedakah boxes.

sterling silver filagree tzedakah box

Finally, let's admire this incredible sterling silver Tzedakah box with its gorgeous filagree work. Update on April 17, 2019: I'm no longer finding this box by Ben-Zion David anywhere on the web.


Marcie Lovett said...

Jeri, these are fabulous. I think any of them would make great wedding gifts, especially for the couple who "has everything." I adore the Noah's Ark box.

Jeri Dansky said...

I'm so glad you like them, Marcie! This was a fun post to research - I had no idea there were so many nice boxes out there. And I love the idea of using one as a wedding gift (for the right people).

Claire Josefine said...

I had no idea there were so many beautiful and varied tzedakah boxes, either, Jeri. Thank you so much for researching these!

In addition to wedding gifts (good idea, Marcie), they would make lovely gifts to youngsters to encourage tzedakah. Or maybe as bar/bat mitzvah gifts?

Cynthia Friedlob said...

Lovely! What an unusual and terrific idea for a post, Jeri.

Jeri Dansky said...

Cynthia, I would never have thought of it if Claire hadn't mentioned it.

Claire, thanks so much for the suggestion; I'm glad you liked the results!

Margaret Lukens said...

Any one of these boxes would make setting aside money a joy!

Unknown said...

Similar approach: here in the Philippines, the Catholic Church organized "Pondo ng Pinoy," which literally translates to "Fund of the Filipino." Everyone is encouraged to start a piggy bank using recyclables, like soda cans & plastic bottles, then all the banks are collected every fourth Sunday. The recyclables are sold by weight. This way, both the piggy bank and its contents go to charity.