Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas / Holiday Gift Ideas: Consumables

lip blams

Since we're approaching the gift-giving season, it's time again for some suggestions of gifts that won't become clutter - and consumables are one type of product that, if well-chosen, certainly fits that description. Of course you can get wine or various food items - or soaps, candles and such if the recipient likes that type of thing - but here are some more unusual suggestions:

1. Artisan lip balms

You can even get someone a subscription to the "balm of the month." [via Springwise] Update on Dec. 2, 2012: Bonbon, the company making these lip balms, seems to have disappeared.

pickle-flavored floss

2. Floss

Accoutrements makes pickle-flavored floss, bacon-flavored floss, cupcake frosting-flavored floss, and more. Update on Nov. 24, 2011: I'm no longer seeing the pickle-flavored floss, but the bacon and cupcake options are still available - and others, too.

French roast coffee

3. Coffee

OK, coffee isn't that unusual - but this particular coffee is somewhat different. As Springwise explains: "Texas-based Project7's coffees are all harvested from small, organic farms that are certified Fair Trade and USDA Organic. Sold through coffee-of-the-month subscriptions, each coffee blend is attached to a specific cause. Its French Roast coffee, for instance, is associated with its 'Heal the Sick' project, so that each canister sold translates into medicine provided for one person suffering from malaria."

garbage bags with goldfish

4. Garbage bags

I've mentioned decorative garbage bags before. But now there's another company providing some new options: bin bags with Christmas pudding and pet goldfish designs.

puppy with dog poo bags

5. Dog Poo Bags from Switzerland

OK, these are too expensive for anyone to buy for everyday use. But they certainly are a consumable that won't become clutter! They come in a box of 16 - two each of eight designs. (You may want to click the link above just to look at the other seven.) The Pink Monkey Company Ltd. is one place to buy them. Update on Nov. 24, 2011: I'm no longer seeing these at Pink Monkey.

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The Road Taken said...

great ideas for Christmas! you always seem to source such fun, decorative and useful things.

TheAL said...

The lip balms are fantastic. Everybody needs it, especially this time of the year. Thanks for the ideas!