Friday, November 26, 2010

Comics to Inspire Your Decluttering Efforts

comic says = Surround yourself with things and people that inspire you.

Alex Noriega has created a series of one-panel comics called Stuff No One Told Me (but I learned anyway). Some of them definitely have a decluttering focus, such as #48: Surround yourself with things and people that inspire you.

comic says - Things are just things. Don't get too attached to them.

And then there's #51: Things are just things.

comic says - Rushing is never a good idea

If time management and an overcrowded calendar are your challenges, you might like #45: Rushing is never a good idea.

These comics are available as prints as well as mugs, greeting cards and t-shirts. Yes, for many people these items would just be clutter. But others might find them to be just the inspiration - or the reminders - that they need.


Cynthia Friedlob said...

These are charming. I've mentioned before that I wrestle with finding the balance between being an artist (making stuff) and being an advocate of uncluttering (getting rid of stuff). But, as you said, sometimes stuff, especially artistic stuff, can be just the source of inspiration needed to appreciate an uncluttered life. Balance is everything!

The English Organizer said...

I think #51 is my favorite; computers are almost part of the family in my house!
Thanks so much for the Twitter welcome; I hope I @-messaged you correctly... am definitely still learning how the Tweet-world works!