Friday, November 19, 2010

Bookends: Sometimes Simple Works Best

I've been doing some of my own decluttering - the continual weeding of the books. Getting rid of some 20-year-old travel books that I haven't opened in ages left me a nice space to display these cranes that a friend folded.

Of course, when I don't fill up a whole shelf with books, that means I need some bookends. And if I'm putting them next to decorative items, I want those bookends to be unobtrusive - but I still want them to be attractive. The bookend I'm using here comes from Blomus; you can get the Blomus bookends at Unica Home and other places.

Here's another example, with a vase - which I don't use as a vase. The bookends I've used here appear to be the Elements bookends from Spectrum Diversified. They come in two sizes, and are available in both chrome and black. I'm seeing them on

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