Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Out-of-the-Ordinary Staple Removers

crocodile staple remover, claw type

The reader in my prior staple remover post didn't want anything fancy - but what if you would? Let's start with the crocodile staple remover from Pylones. On the Pylones web site, click on the picture of the one you want - green or yellow - to see the price and add it to your basket.

rattlesnake staple remover, claw type

I found this rattlesnake staple remover on Pylones' European site; there are three color choices.

lobster claw staple remover

And Pylones also makes this lobster claw staple remover.

staple remover, lion, claw type

I've mentioned the incredible Jac Zagoory staple removers before - there's quite a range of animals - but it's been a while, and they are well worth a second mention.

pelican-shaped staple remover

This unusual pelican staple remover, Mr. P. Cano, comes from Koziol. But while I find it at a number of online sites, I don't see it on the Koziol site, or at the sites that carried it when it first came out - so it may be a discontinued product. It comes in a number of colors.

magnetic staple remover claw style

I have no idea how well this magnetic staple remover works, but here's what the web site says: "Designed by an office cleaner who faced the constant difficulty of removing used staples from carpets, the Magnetic Staple Remover tackles the problem at its source. This uniquely designed staple remover uses an integrated magnet to secure removed staples within the unit."

Finally, just for fun, go take a look at the Dinichthys staple remover by David Farley.


JustGail said...

I guess if I'm going for an unusual staple remover, I'd go whole hog for those you've shown today. I'd love the magnetic one for the kitchen - sometimes we get deli chicken and they staple the bags shut. A few times we've nearly lost the staple in the chicken. I'm wondering how long before someone gets hurt and sues them.

MarySees said...

Those are really great staple removers! I think I like the crocodile best!