Monday, November 1, 2010

Reader Question: Staple Removers in Colors

staple removers, claw style, in blue, green, yellow, red

How about simple staple removers that are in color? The only ones I can find are black or brown. I'm not looking for fancy, just the claw type in colors.
-- Judy Tiger, Just That Simple

Glad to help, Judy! There are actually a few choices - although it seems you won't find them at the big box office supply stores. Let's start out with the ones from Baumgartens.

mini staple remover in pink

Baumgartens also has a mini staple remover available in assorted colors - it doesn't appear that you can choose your color.

Here's another pink staple remover - it has three prongs rather than the normal two. I'm not finding it on the company's web site, though; I hope that doesn't mean it's discontinued. Update on July 11, 2011: I found it on the company's web site — and it has indeed been discontinued. And the site I saw that was still selling it before no longer has it.

staple removers, claw type, three colors

Marbig, a brand that's part of ACCO Australia, also has staple removers in colors. They are sold by the Australian sites Stationery World and OkOffice. It doesn't appear that you can pick which color you get.

staple remover, claw type, yellow

The Charles Leonard staple remover is yet another option, in "assorted colors."

staple remover, claw type, red

And finally, there's the X-ACTO staple remover, available from a number of online vendors.


Anonymous said...

The best staple removers IMHO are the type with the long handle (also known as pencil grip), and they come in a variety of colors and styles. MUCH easier on the fingers and wrist!

I've been going through a project of scanning files and speak from VAST experience.

Here are a couple of searches so you can see what I mean:

Google search terms: long staple remover (alternate: use pencil instead of long)

Amazon: staple remover

If you want it in color, add a color to your search terms.

Honestly, you would be so much happier with this type of staple remover ...

French Furniture Claire Crosbie said...

This is just what I needed when doing my upholstery course trying to get out all those annoying staples.

Jeri Dansky said...

Anonymous, I know many people prefer the kind of staple remover you suggest. I just spoke to someone yesterday who said much the same thing you did.

Of course, each person will have his or her own preference in tools - I was responding to a specific query - but it's always good to be reminded of all the options, and why one might serve you better than another. Thanks for commenting, and rounding out my reply!

Anonymous said...

All pink stapler removers are out of stock :-( ...specially the little one :-(

Jeri Dansky said...

Anonymous, Baumgarten does still make that little one (I just updated the link) - and when it's sold in packs of 50 the photo shows pink as one of the colors.

Perhaps if you contacted Baumgarten there would be a way to buy just the one, in the color you want.