Thursday, June 10, 2010

11 Wooden Boxes That Don't Cost a Fortune

handpainted wood box with picture of bunny

I know that the products I feature here are often on the expensive side. So today I decided to only list products under $75 - sometimes substantially under!

Let's start with this fun handpainted wood box from Jessica Simanowski. Price: $68

his and her round wood boxes

The Harbinger Co. sells a number of boxes. Price for this set: $60. [via Lushlee]

woodburned box with image of a crow

River Otter Rustics has a number of woodburned boxes. This one: $40.

wooden trinket box with goldfish

And Wooden You Love It has a number of wooden boxes in different shapes, including this little goldfish bowl trinket box. Price: $27.

round wood box from sweet gum

Moving on to the non-painted versions, there's this lovely box from Wood Expressions - one of the few boxes this shop sells. Price: $22.

wooden bos,oak and walnut

Jim Steele of Steele Woodworking also makes some eye-catching wooden boxes. Price of this one: $38.

treasure box, exotic woods

This lovely box - one of many - comes from Bruce, who has spent 21 years in the boating industry as a woodworker. Price: $62.

taper leg wood box

And Bark Up a Tree Woodworks make taper leg boxes in many different woods - sold on his site and on Etsy. Price: $59.95.

round wood box, pecan

Dave Hoskins is another woodworker with notable wooden boxes; this one is pecan. Price: $60 - the most expensive one of the bunch.

wood box, recycled wood

Tim's Green Thumb notes that its boxes are made from recycled woods. Price of this one: $36.

wooden keepsake box with etched dragonfly

And finally, Paradise Hills Design makes boxes from reclaimed barn wood. Price of this box: $24. [via Apartment Therapy]

Anyone have a favorite?

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