Sunday, June 20, 2010

Organizing Made Easy: Coat Racks

coat stands

Getting (and staying) organized is easier when you have easy-to-use tools. And coat racks, like hooks, are one way to make things easy. And, of course, I can point you to some attractive options. The one above is the Scacco Matto coat stand from Servetto, available from Milk Concept Boutique.

coat rack, orange

I like the burnt orange color on this Merkled coat rack, but it also comes in white.

coat rack

The Brahms coat rack is an inexpensive option. [via Not Martha]

coat tree, multicolor

This coat tree by Fritz Hansen, sold by and by, is not inexpensive! The multicolor version is the most unusual, but you can also get it in white, chrome, or multiple shades of gray. [via Cribcandy]

coat rack

Gumps has a number of coat racks, including this one. Update on May 26, 2011: This is the only coat rack I'm seeing on the Gumps web site now.

redwood hall tree

Mooby's hall tree is a simple redwood option. (You can also get it in Douglas fir.)

coat tree

And finally, here's another simple design: the Stem tree, which comes from an Australian company, DesignByThem. It's designed to fit inside a standard mailing tube, and the company says it's easily assembled. You can get it in the natural maple finish, or you can have it painted or stained in custom colors. [via swissmiss]

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Julie Bestry said...

I'm just trying to imagine Fred Astaire dancing with some of those coat racks. (And is it just me, or do the Scacco Matto versions remind anyone else of chess pieces?)

Cynthia Friedlob said...

The Fritz Hansen coat tree is very appealing but costs more than any of my coats! I'm not a do-it-yourself person, but I bet someone who is could get a nice effect by painting a less expensive piece in multiple colors. -- I do like it that your posts cover a range of prices and that the expensive items can prompt ideas for less expensive alternatives.

Cynthia Friedlob said...

And yes, Julie, I think they look like chess pieces, too!

JustGail said...

I love a good coat tree, and not just for coats. We also have them in the bedrooms for hanging up clothes like the sweatshirts I slip on when the air conditioning is too cold, belts that are worn frequently, etc. I imagine they could also be used anywhere you want something hung up, but don't have the wall space, or don't want to put up hooks (renters?). Maybe the coat rack makers should show them holding things besides coats and hats.

Jeri Dansky said...

Julie and Cynthia: I didn't think of it before, but now I definitely think the Scacco Matto coat racks look like chess pieces.

JustGail, thanks for bringing up the excellent point that a coat tree can be used for much more than just coats! For example, a coat tree could hold the semi-dirty clothes!