Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6 Charging Stations for Your Cell Phones, iPods and More

charging station, 3 items, pink

The only gadget I need to recharge regularly is my iPhone. But many families have multiple phones and other electronics that need recharging - and then a charging station might be useful.

Idapt has charging stations to handle two, three or four products. The i3, shown above, comes in silver, black and white - as well as pink; the i4 has the same colors, except there's no pink. [picture from]

charging station

Pink must be in style; Refresh, from Bluelounge, comes in white, black - and pink. [via BestStuff] Update on March 19, 2014: This product seems to have been discontinued.

charging station

Blu Dot calls its charging station the Juice Box. [via Unplggd]

charging station

The Lessev Mobile Station is a Japanese design. [via Core77]

wireless charging station

The Powermat (paired with a receiver for each device) allows you to do wireless charging. Different size mats allows you to charge one, two or three devices at a time. [via organizer Allison Carter]

jewelry armoire with charging station

And finally, Cost Plus World Market is selling a jewelry armoire with a charging station. The picture may be a bit confusing - that's a mirror in the top, reflecting the items which are charging.

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JustGail said...

The jewelry armoire is interesting. Although it wouldn't do me much good on mornings like this, when I walk out without putting my watch or other jewelry on. I'd bet that could be added to an existing armoire.

SueBK said...

I have considered one of these. All three of us have mobile phones (cell phones) and hubby also has a MP4 player. I know the Tween will eventually want an MP4 as well. There's a limit to the number of power points (electrical sockets?) in a house, and charging via USB on the computer can be quite slow (and there's a limit to the number of easily accessible USB points too).
Thanks for investigating the options. Although we may have different options here in Oz, at least I know there is more than one choice out there.