Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Filing with Flair: Two Updates

filing ottoman

Did you like the file storage ottomans I featured recently? I had hoped to also include the filing ottoman from Lucy Langdale Interiors, but the photo on the web site was too small. However, I wrote to Lucy, and she kindly sent along a larger photo - so now you can see another lovely filing option.

file cabinet

And back in February 2008 I wrote about stylish file cabinets. One called Iris was quite popular with readers; when the site where I found it discontinued the product, I got messages asking where else it might be found; sadly, I had no luck locating it. But just last week I stumbled over it again; as I've now noted in that old post, it comes from a company called Reform. The site says its available in over 100 colors! [photo used with permission from Reform.]


Shiksa Mama said...

I love that filing bench! Thank you for sharing it. I have to find something like that; we're short on both seating and file storage.

MarySees said...

I love the filing ottoman, but it's very pricey!