Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Space-Saving Options: Collapsible Wheelbarrows

folding wheelbarrow

Would you love to have a wheelbarrow - but you can't figure out where you'd store it? Maybe the answer is a collapsible wheelbarrow! The folding wheelbarrow above was just mentioned on Apartment Therapy today, and it gets mixed reviews - but there are other options.

collapsible wheelbarrow

The WheelEasy from Allsop is the collapsible wheelbarrow (or yard cart) I found most often as I searched around the web. And, of course, a wheelbarrow can be used for more than just yard work!

folding wheelbarrow, leaf design

The most fanciful products are those from Fallen Fruits. You can buy them from (carrot and daisy patterns) and (daisy, tomato and leaf patterns).

folding wheelbarrow

Hammacher Schlemmer also has a folding wheelbarrow, with some handy pockets on the side.

multi-purpose folding cart

And going beyond the wheelbarrow, there's the Fold-A-Cart. There are four different models, with capacities ranging from 150 pounds to 400 pounds. [via Toolmonger]

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Cathy said...

Now that will fit in my shed. Under serious consideration!