Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to Gawk: Amazing Hooks and Hangers

airplane-shaped hangers, on the wall

While I usually try to include items at many price points in my posts, this post will be an exception - because I just found two novel products I wanted to share. The first is the Garderobe Tempelhof; I love this one both for the design and the story behind it. I'll just quote from the vendor's web site:
The wardrobe Tempelhof came into existence one year after the the same called airport in Berlin was shutdown. The airport Tempelhof became historical importance through the Berlin airlift during the days of the blockade in 1948-1949. The hangers have the shape of the legendary C-47 which became famous as the candy bombers. They are made from the same material — aluminium.
[via Ape to Gentleman; price on request]

Lladro parrot coat rack

And then there are the parrot coat racks from Lladro. Price: $400. [via Decofinder]

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