Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sticky Notes: Post-it Notes and Much More

Words To Do, huge, created with sticky notes

The inventors of the Post-it were just inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, as organizer Jane Campbell pointed out on Twitter. The Post-it product range is pretty darn large; "Post-it Notes are now available in eight standard sizes, 25 shapes and 62 colors." But sometimes you might want to consider another product.

carbonless copy sticky notes

Jane asked about Post-its with carbonless copies - and while that type of Post-it doesn't seem to exist, you can get carbonless copy sticky notes made by Rediform. [via Lifehacker] Update on Oct. 3, 2012: I'm no longer finding this product.

very large sticky notes

MegaSticky provides giant sticky note pads, called Genius Pads, which measure 30cm x 30cm (11.81" x 11.81"). (Post-it also has a number of large pads, but nothing the size of the Genius Pads.)

bird sticky notes

For pretty sticky notes in a range of patterns, head over to Cavallini & Co; the company's products are sold many places on the web.

Shakespearean sticky notes

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild has sticky notes featuring a number of famous people: Shakespeare, Frida Kahlo, Einstein, Freud, etc.

Sticky notes which ask - What's the next action

Fans of David Allen's Getting Things Done might especially appreciate these sticky notes, provided by From Piles to Smiles, which ask, "What's the next action?"

origami sticky notes

Or you could get origami sticky notes - notes with folding instructions on each sheet. Again, a number of sites sell these, including ThinkGeek.

fruit-shaped sticky notes

And finally, over in Japan, you can get these exquisite fruit-shaped sticky notes - available individually or by the case. [via sub-studio and TokyoMango]

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[photo by Michael Cory, licensed under Creative Commons]


Anonymous said...

Haha the pear one is so cute! Personally, I think Post It! is expensive for sticky notes. Unless it's just Staples that is expensive. I buy these sticky notes when they are on sale and by bulk so it wouldn't be so pricey.

julie Bestry said...

These are great, Jeri. I'm especially impressed with the Rediform carbonless ones, though I shall hide them from my sticky-note-addicted clients.

As you know, I tend to call all those lost, unattached, incomplete notes "floozies" when I'm working with clients, but I have to admit I crave them just as they do. But I force myself to use them only as labels and mini-cover-sheets to get to the right person, because I know what dangers lie when important information lands on teeny tiny paper. I know...and yet I want them all the same.

Thanks for the excellent showcase!

Jeri Dansky said...

None, prices will certainly vary from store to store - but Post-its might still be more expensive (at least when not on sale) than some other sticky notes.

Besides price, another possible consideration when deciding between Post-its and other brands is the quality. Here's a quote from the article I linked to:

Fry is briefly excited when he notices a reporter taking notes on a pad of sticky notes, then shakes his head sadly when he begins to suspect that he's seeing not the real deal with 3M adhesive -- discovered by Silver and made ubiquitous by Fry -- but a knockoff.

He reaches over and peels off a pale yellow sheet, holding it aloft for inspection.

"Our paper doesn't curl like that."

Jeri Dansky said...

Julie, I know just what you mean. I always hesitate just a bit before writing about sticky notes, because it is so easy to misuse them. But they can serve plenty of useful purposes, too, so I go ahead and post.

Cynthia Friedlob said...

To paraphrase a famous slogan: "Sticky notes don't create chaos for people; people create chaos for people."

I say this, I'm so sorry to admit, while sitting at my computer desk which currently holds twelve tiny sticky notes with truly important information on them. And six index cards (both sides full). And about two dozen more index cards in a pile nearby. Sigh. Yet another challenge to be conquered.