Monday, April 12, 2010

Bathroom Storage: Luxuries Worth a Look

wood medicine cabinet with crown molding

Like to support small companies creating wonderful hand-crafted products? Take a look at the marvelous medicine cabinets from Wood Essentials of Brooklyn, New York. I wrote about these medicine cabinets (and others) way back in August 2007, but Wood Essentials has now added a new line with crown molding. The cabinets come in both wall-mounted and recessed versions.

bathroom scale storedbehind a mirror

Have a problem finding a good place to store your bathroom scale? How about storing that scale behind a mirror? [via Switched On Set]

Italian design often catches my eye; here's one example, and it's sold by a store less than an hour from my home! [via CFT411]

bathtub with shelves

And finally, here's another piece of Italian design - a bathtub with shelving, from Antonio Lupi. It's called the Biblio, but there's no reason the shelves can't be used for things other than books. [via Bookshelf]


Julie Bestry said...

I swear, Jeri, in terms of being priceless and useful, you are the Google of the organizing world. I never fail to be amazed, not only at the products you find, but the resources you discover to locate those products. The scale behind the mirror blows me away. And if I'd known about TheBlogOnTheBookshelf, I could have skipped writing last week's post and just sent people there! :-)

Visually arresting, thoughtful and gosh-darn cool. That's your blog. You rock.

Joseph said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out for! I’ve written so many blogs on Italian design that I almost think I should be made an honorary citizen! They have just an incredible number of concepts, and I never really tire of the work they do. I also like the Wood Essentials medicine cabinet you’ve shown here. I think the crown molding adds a lot to this concept. I did a blog on them last year, I believe, and at that time got a nice email from the wife of the guy who runs the shop. As a cabinetmaker myself I was particularly taken with the quality of the workmanship. What they have done is a huge, huge step above the traditional medicine cabinet that comes with the typical tract home designed bathroom.